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Great service btw I am sure other people will be glad to dodge this bullet cheers Read Johannes Very sorry about the situation again!
Ive met several people in my area who have done online gambling for years on casinos, no problems with withdrawing money or anything.I can see that the reason is that we cannot offer bonuses in the Czech Republic besides the welcome offer.Won some, lost some, after had a bad run on a slot machine and ended up at zero.Username so you are not going to refund me the amout equivalent to bonus you promised to provide?Johannes, can I please have your username and your post code so I can check that for you?Hello, my name is Johannes and I am your casino agent.Username hey, I tried to use wsloty2 code but it said the code is invalid.Well i turned the 20 into 50 then had to go to class in 5 minutes so i bet 25 on the dream catchers wheel, lost.Please provide us with your username and post code so that we can verify your account.Only approved users may post in this community.Username yes but I cant access those games lemme send you a screenshot, johannes, i am sorry you will not get the free spins. Rendered by PID 10391 on r2-app-0f5fab2297d178d98 at 07:56:09.77830700:00 running b14303b country code:.If anyone has any suggestions Im up for it, I just really would rather avoid bitcoin).
But I do wish you a good day!
Used their initial bonus to get 100 on top of my deposit and was promised "300 free spins" next three deposits would be 50 if I used the available promo codes.

For folks who feel like their gambling is getting out of control, we would suggest checking out /r/problemgambling.Johannes, i am happy to tell you that the first 30 of your 300 free spins will be with you today within an hour.Just the deposit offer.If there are any people currently living in Czech Republic, that could recommend me a fully working, english slot machine site, that they what is the lotto amount have good experience with, that would be awesome.I spent 90 bucks on the initial deposit and then 90bucks more on the next one (note - the code didn't work but I was like, meh, will solve it later).Played a couple hand of blackjack to bring my balance up to 1300 cashed everything out and will now have a credit of about 1000 on my visa.Okay, so how are you gonna refund me?
So yeah, customer service and company policies at the level.
Because It's like selling something at 3 for 1 price and then telling people: nope, you only get 1 for price of 1 after they paid too Johannes Very sorry about this however this is all stated in our terms and conditions.