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Picture of a slot machine hack

The system req'd I drill and tap either end of the top slide between the 'T' slots and use a bolt and washer to apply the clamping force on the loose clamp.
Also, the maximum deviation across the 3/8" face was similar.
Here is a breif discription: The tool post main body and tool holders are made of 6061 aluminum, then they are powder coated with black chrome poly powder making the set oil, solvent, acid, and UV protected.The 1/4" bar for the taig tool holder is attached off center to help raise the tightening knob as high as possible to keep fingers well clear when knurling close to the chuck.Kenny Smith says: "I wanted to send a few pics of my lathe I got from you a couple years ago.Then you slip the eccentric bushing over that.I first removed the oval screws two years ago with plyers and brute force slightly damaging the back plastic (but it's flat against the wall so fortunately it doesn't show).My setup reads:5300, 3350, 2200, 1400, 980,and 600RPM depending on the groove settings containing the drive belt.Things are that tight, there is not much in the way of clearances, more like alignments.

I took too deep cuts on the lips, and the mill stalled on the last pass; ended up finishing by hand.After a few seconds I could see a nice blob of molten plastic at the end of the pen.Now it works great, every time.Electronics Board Installed in Panel Panel Closed and Wired George Weightman's Taig Radius Turning Tool The Radius Tool : It's just a neat little tool to turn larger half spheres (1" to 6" dia.).The Sherline handwheel worked OK, but when using the stepper it set up a horrendous racket.So far it seems to work very smoothly and accurately (check out Ed's very cool webpage: m ) q: "Was it a problem to cut the bed like that, with the concrete filling?Anyhow, here's a few shots of the first scale to be attached to the mill.It is difficult to get it secured well enough that it doesn't accidentally pivot when advancing the knurler along gala bingo change address the knurlee. .#2 His Indexer is now finished #2 #3 #4 After some playing around with different geometries to mount a variable speed DC motor to drive the leadscrew via a pulley mounted to the standard Taig handwheel assembly, the prototype that I'm trying out right now.Note the green felt strip which serves as a chip scooper, and bed oiler; there is another one on the front side of the carriage.If they do, use the supplied washers under the head of each screw to prevent the screws from bottoming on the "T" slots.