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Uno printable card game

Enjoy UNO - and may the luckiest player win!
The challenge can only be made by the person required to history of slot machine 03 draw the four cards.
"Draw two" cards force the following player to draw two cards from the deck.
Skip Card - The player to the left of dealer doesn't start (get it, he's skipped).Scoring When a player is out of cards, he gets points for cards left in the opponent's hands as follows: All cards through 9 Face value Draw 2 20 points Reverse 20 points Skip 20 points Wild 50 points Wild Draw 4 50 points The.Play left becomes play right, and vice versa.The person playing a Skip card may immediately play another card.That is, of course if you get caught by the other players.Players: 2 to 10, object: To be the first player to score 500 points.The player who picks the highest number deals.Reverse cards reverse the order in which turns are taken, for example from clockwise to counter-clockwise.Or the player can throw down a Wild Card.Players are given seven cards face down, and the remaining cards are used as a deck.Each player picks a card.El Segundo, CA 90245.S.A., printed.S.A.When a player plays all of his cards, he collects his opponents' cards and adds them up to determine their score.
You score points for cards left in your opponent's hands.

For example, if the card is a red 7, player must throw down a red card or any color.Failure to do this results in you having to pick two cards from the draw pile.Wild cards can be used on top of any colored card on the discard pile.The first player has to match the card in the discard pile either by number, color or word.Reneging A player may choose not to play a playable card from his hand.Partners- Four Players- Sit across from your partner."Beginning a turn" is defined as either drawing a card from the draw pile or drawing a card from your hand to play.
Wild Draw Four, it's put back in the deck and another one is chosen.

When you have one card left, you must yell "UNO" (meaning one).
Please remove all components from the package and compare them to the parts list.
Ages: 7 and over.