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Variable annuity payout options may include

variable annuity payout options may include

B) That periodic payments into the contract may increase or decrease.
Explanation: A registration statement or disclosure must describe any intent to borrow money or issue senior securities.B) 37, with.45 in change.Explanation: Contractual plans are no longer sold, but there are still contracts free poker online free in effect.A customer has a one hand poker variable life policy and has made two annual premium payments.Explanation: The variable life refund provision returns cash value plus a portion of the sales charges deducted if it is made within the first two policy years.Fund expenses include the fee paid to board members, the investment adviser's fee, the custodian's fee, the transfer agent's fee, and related expenses.A) The SEC has passed on the accuracy of the information contained in the prospectus.The board of directors makes policy decisions.Test Prep, series 7, what You Should Know About Annuities for the Series 7 Exam.Which of the following statements regarding the expense ratio of an open-end investment company is true?

Immediate annuity: An investor purchases the annuity with a large sum, and the payouts begin within a couple months.Explanation: Payments from a variable annuity depend on the securities' value in the separate account's underlying investment portfolio.The correct answer was - D: sales load paid to the underwriters.Explanation: 12b-1 fees are deducted from fund assets every quarter.How Do Deferred Annuities Work?D) suggest that the customer diversify the investment by spreading it around several companies and, perhaps, even some bond mutual funds.This client's outlook concerning the market is: A) bullish.Explanation: Because of the separate account, these contracts must be sold with a prospectus, and therefore be registered under the Securities Act of 1933.Explanation: Because hedge funds are generally not registered with the SEC, their purchasers must be accredited.
B) The reinvested capital gains have accumulated tax deferred.
In this case, he had invested 20,000, but the value of the account currently was 21,362 (12,420 units.72 each).

Explanation: During a period in which the separate account's performance exceeds the AIR, the next check will increase.
Explanation: Although variable life offers a guaranteed minimum death benefit, because the policyowner can select the separate accounts into which a portion of the premium will be invested, that death benefit will vary with account performance.
B) a lower sales charge.